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Samet Özden

Software Developer.

About me

I've been coding with a great passion since 2009. During this time, I've involved in many complex projects such as e-commerce that I try to use new techs. Completing difficult projects, learning new things and acquiring new skills make me motivated. Although my main profession is full stack development I've done many sub-branches related with development such as server management, backup operations, etc. My educational background (Business Management) isn't related any computer science, but I have many courses on Udemy and also I have many tech books on my library. You could find more information below in my work experiences.









History Research

Football and Video Games

Space Science and Aviation

Listening music and 90 cups coffee in a month



PHP, Symfony, MySql, Redis, LAMP, Server & Backup Management, WHM, cPanel, Plesk

These skills are consist my main focus in my career. The Backend side requires strongly serverside management skills so that I've good server and DNS management skills. Furthermore, I try to pay attention that my code has to compatible with SOLID and OOP principles. Software and development process force you create to find new solutions. For example, I've created backup script which is working with cronjob uploading to Dropbox folder via Dropbox API for my projects. Totally, I'm open to learning new technologies and have solutions against the problems.

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Figma, Smarty, Twig

Frontend is an inseparable duo with the backend side. Furthermore, I believe that you don't have a chance to disintegrate these duo from each other. When I've been coding frontend my priorities are that made clean and understandable code, performance, and search engine optimization (SEO). Also, I've been using many 3rd parts innovative techs such as GSAP (Green Sock Project) or ScrollMagic, etc.

Payment Gateway Integrations

I've integrated many popular gateway systems on various projects such as PayPal, Stripe, Iyzico, and more other gateway systems that include subscriptions feature. I've understood completely working schema and logical processes these systems.

REST API, jSON, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram APIs

APIs one of the most favorite parts of my career. Absolutely I love working with APIs. Nevertheless, I'm a careful API document reader. I used many popular APIs in my projects such as Google Place API, classic Map API, Twitter API, Amazon S3 API, etc.

Chrome Extensions

I published 2 Chrome extensions on Google Market. It was just an experience to understand how is Google Extension infrastructure worked. Google Market Link

Cordova Hybrid Application

I coded a sample Cordova test application which has vibration management, barcode reading, take and save the photo, data insert-edit-delete (with Sqlite) features for Android systems. It was just an experience to understand how is Cordova worked. You can download the example APK file from here

AWS and CDN World

I have a great interest in the AWS world. Especially on S3, EC2, and Lightsail services that I've done a lot of tests. (Coding file upload & convert extension snippet for S3, installing and managing the fresh server on EC2 and Lightsail, creating security groups on these services, etc.) Performance and related with that using CDN is very important point for me.

Python, Data Analysis and Data Visualization

I have a big passion about the football and software development. However, football and data analysis have a close relationship in recent years. There are occurred some new terminology in the football world such as xG, PPDA and more. I want to stay close to the data analysis branch and I'm open to learning new things about it.

If you want to see my detailed resume which has some personal information and recently projects, please contact me and introduce yourself

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